A Universal Solution

Plastic Roads

The Pave the Road initiative leads the way in LATAM via a proven technology: plastic roads.  This innovation gives a solution to diverting plastic waste away from landfills and into road construction.  This technology reduces fossil fuels and builds better longer lasting roads.  This initiative is wholeheartedly committed to protecting the children and community members that suffer around the globe from air pollution due to unpaved roads.


The film's impact

By sharing our personal story through impact filmmaking, we strive to improve the quality of life for people around the world by empowering each other to transform technologies into sustainable innovations.  



One type of asphalt in biodiverse countries does not fulfill engineering requirements.  Adding plastic waste modifiers does by transforming one type into multiple types and thus performs on a higher level to meet requirements and industry standards.

Substandard asphalt options produces poor quality products, increases VOC emissions, and contributes to carbon dioxide pollution.   "Plastic roads" or "Green Pavement" improves the lifespan of the road by 2-3 times thus reducing pollution.

Heavily populated landfills produce 40-60% of the worlds methane and carbon dioxide pollution.   Redirecting waste away from landfills and into road construction closes the loop and prevents methane and carbon dioxide pollution.

Road Construction