Thank you to our partner, Kimberly Clark, all the school children 

have protection.

In partnership with the Green Pavement Company, we wrote an environmental bill that mandates the use of plastic waste in all road construction in Costa Rica.

Beach clean-ups, community recycling and hotel plastic bag collection are a few of our collection programs.

Pave the Road teaches families and students how to collect waste materials.

We leverage our gifts, product donations, and grants so that we can do more than pave the roads in front of the schools.  We are creating outreach programs to teach children and parents how to protect themselves from the particulate matter that stems from road dust.  We continue to revise, evolve and act so that the community gets what they need.  We are committed to growing a safer, healthier and more sustainable learning environments for the children to thrive in.  From the beginning to end, this transformation is about identifying the core issues and allowing new perspectives to emerge to create the necessary changes. 

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Pave the Road is a fiscal partner of From the Heart Productions, a 501 (c) 3 organization.