Kelly Mason

Kelly is a mom, healer, and an award-winning filmmaker who works on studio productions with A-List talent. She is invested in assisting others to live fully and follow their heart.

Esteban Quesada

Esteban is an award winning documentarian and commercial Director/Cinematographer who has been involved in production, editing and the impact stages of the project.

Jenna Wentworth

Jenna is a college graduate so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the  impact campaign. She is inspired by Kelly’s unconditional bravery in her actions to improve the health of the community.


Aaron Kirby

Aaron is a communications major in his last year of college and an aspiring author. He is involved with the film’s PR campaign, bringing with him his passion for writing, and connecting with people.


Charmaine Hammond

Charmaine Hammond has been in the business of changing lives and raising dreams for more than 25 years through teaching the principles of resilience, collaboration, partnership, and sponsorship.