impact film TIMELINE  

When a story or experience lands in a person’s heart, it can take root in unexpected and inexplicable ways - only to show up, unprompted, days, weeks, months or years later at a moment when it might count the most. That’s the magic of film and other creative works.

Pave The Road has accomplished much in the last 10 years. The national laboratory tested and wrote the environmental and sustainable engineering designs for the roads. The community was taught to pick up plastic and clean the beaches and the surrounding areas. We had fundraisers, partnered with Kimberly Clark to acquire 1000 masks to help protect against the dust and partnered with the local Toyota group and acquired a truck for the movement. The community began a protest which forced the military and the president to take action and learn about the dangerous situation with the dusty roads. They then wrote a bill, went to congress and after updating the bill with input from scientists, engineers, and lawyers created a policy. Now there is a law that mandates the use of plastic waste in road construction all over Costa Rica. This also helped shape the plastic bag law which puts a 5 cent charge every time someone buys a plastic bag in Costa Rica.