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Escuela Futuro Verde PAVED!

March 15, 2020

Cobano, Puntarenas.

The Escuela Futuro Verde school road was paved on March 15, 2020, overseen by the municipality of Cobano.  The route, 624 from Cobano to Montezuma continues to be paved another 4-6km over the next 3 months.

Pave the Road documentary inspires congress to approve environmental policy

Feb 18, 2020

San José, Feb. 18 ( - Congress approved in file 2 2070 the # 20 Law for the use of reusable materials in asphalt mixtures in road infrastructure works



Cóbano tendrá primeras calles hechas con plástico reciclable

Eco-friendly asphalt will be applied in pilot plan in Cóbano  with Pave the Road and  LANAMME

May  2015


The National Laboratory of Materials and Structural Models (LANAMME) is about to begin a pilot plan to implement green asphalt Cóbano community in Puntarenas.  READ MORE




May  2015


One night, Kelly Mason received a phone call. It was a local woman, and she was frantic. She said her child had stopped breathing. The mother didn’t know what to do. She needed help. She was terrified that her child would die.  READ MORE



LANAMME - UCR begins road testing on seven schools in the Southern Nicoya Peninsula.

February  2015


Lead Engineer Josué Queseda Campos and his team tested DCP resistance, traffic patterns and measurements for the seven roads in front of the schools: Santa Teresa, San Isidro, Malpais, Delicias, Cabuya, Futuro Verde and Hermosa.




December 2014


Engineer Luis Guillermo Loría-Salazar, the General Director of the Transportation Infrastructure Program of the National Laboratory of Testing Materials and Structural Modes has joined our initiative to allow us to work with his team to test 7 different eco-friendly road surface and soil stabilizing formulas.


We will lay the formulas as field tests in front of each school in the Southern Nicoya Peninsula.  Testing begins in January of 2015.

Kimberly Clark

November 2014


Kimberly Clark Costa Rica has donated 1000 masks to our outreach program to aid the children and the community in protecting against the particulate matter (the fine dust that reaches the lungs and causes permanent damage).


The masks have been distributed throughout the schools and the communities of Santa Teresa, Montezuma and Cobano.

President Solís and Carlos Signini Villalobos, Minister of Transportation, meet PAVE THE ROAD.

November 2014


Kelly, Joella and Jesse travelled to Jicaral in hopes of meeting President Solís and Carlos Segnini Villalobos, the Minister of Transportation to be the voice for the community.  



Toyota Purdy Motor Group donates HERO vehicle

September 2014


The fine people at Toyota Purdy Motor Group see the value and importance of this initiative and donated a "HERO HILUX" vehicle to create awareness for our mission.  


In March of 2015 Toyota Purdy Motor Group and PAVE THE ROAD will release a 24 episode National Social Media Campaign to continue to raise support and awareness.  



Servicentro Santa Teresa donates diesel and subsurface materials

September 2014


Alonso Espinosa spotted the HERO vehicle on the ferry from Puntarenas to Paquera and offered to donate materials needed to fulfill the PAVE THE ROAD initiative. 



Electronic Music Alliance and Crystal Method donate song and ticket sales from Costa Rica concert to PAVE THE ROAD

August 2014


The Tico Times covers the electronic duo, Crystal Method in San Jose where Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland speak about  the initiative.  



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