A socially sensitive and environmentally friendly initiative supporting the right for children to breathe clean air in their learning environment.

 Our mission is to encourage government to pave school roads.


Sponsoring a road will help us reach our goal quickly.

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Pave the Road is funded

by caring citizens like



Teaching children to solve the dust problem by innovative solution. 


Participate in our mask program and give a child protection.


Learn about the health hazards associated with unpaved dusty roads.


In the dry season, the tiny dust particles called "particulate matter" contributes to irreversible consequences like asthma, blindness and fatalities.


White-outs make is difficult to see vehicles that may only be 4 feet away.  The dust enters the open-air schools and a thick layer covers the children's desks, books, hair, clothes, and food daily.  


The roads are not only dusty; they are extremely dangerous due to their poor conditions.  Pot holes and loose rocks become a fatal obstacle course for some.  


The cost to upkeep a vehicle is extremely high due to the punishment the vehicles takes daily.  There are alternatives to paving the roads: molasses and water but they are temporary and costly options.  Water is already a fragile resource and to use drinking water to water roads is an outrage.  


Paving 200 meters in front of the open air schools  will provide a healthy environment free of air pollution so that children can thrive.


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