The Soundtrack

DJ Taz Rashid

Since 2011 Dj Taz Rashid has been producing mindful events on a global scale. Taz also develops his music for mindful brands, television, movies events and other media that focus on bringing to the world, peace, love and unity.

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Liquid Bloom

Liquid Bloom is a global electronic project designed by Amani Friend of Desert Dwellers. There is a wide range of artists who are under the umbrella of the Liquid Bloom project, all who aspire to focus their energies on projects that span distance, time and the dimensions of the mind. AtYya, Numatik and Mose are all remixers who have worked with Liquid Bloom.

Songs in the film
"Healing Fire Breath"
"Cosmic Soul Lotus"

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Celso Machado

Celso Machado is a Brazilian guitarist, percussionist, vocalist, and composer. He uses Brazilian music and beyond to transport his audiences into spaces of rich diversity. For forty years Celso has been performing on concert stages throughout Brazil, Western Europe, Scandinavia, Canada and the US. He is considered to be one of the most versatile and exciting musician/composers of Brazilian music today. 

Original Song

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Daisy Cameron 

Daisy began writing songs at the age of 12 and learning various instruments. At 14 she began vocal lessons with Manny Lujan of Vocalic-Pro Inc. in 2011-2021 Daisy performed at multiple music festivals across the SE states, and she currently plays shows in the Daytona Beach Florida area. She is also attending college for Occupational Therapy as well as writing original songs for herself and other artists.

Original Song

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DJ Taz was wrote and performed
the opening and trailer soundtrack.


Poranguí Carvalho McGrew

Poranguí is a musician, healer and producer, living among the red rocks of Sedona Arizona. He lives in service to pacha mama as an artist and activist. He offers music and healing experiences designed to awaken ones body, mind and soul.

Songs in the film

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Scott Fisher

Los Angeles based, Portland OR. bred, Scott Fisher, has moved gradually from the club scene in which he regularly toured, to the recording studio in recent years: producing/writing and mixing for other artists as well as various network television shows. His songs have been featured in Parks and Recreation, Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, Raising Hope, Gossip Girl, Brothers and Sisters, Smash  and Felicity, just to name a few. 

Songs in the film

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Desert Dwellers

Desert Dwellers are made up of Amani Fried and Trevor Moontribe, electronic musicians and music producers. They combine the raw sounds of the natural world, blending in deep bass, percussion, etheric voices and cross-cultural music.

Songs in the film

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