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"I started having problems with my vision and was diagnosed with Pterygium.  This is caused from dust entering the eye and the eye tissue growing overtop.  It can lead to blindness.  I had to have surgery and I know others from the area that have had the same procedure from the dust" - Kristol

'I wouldn't let my daughter go to school when I know it is like him standing on the side of the road inhaling clouds of dust.' - Jennifer

"My son stopped breathing in the middle of the night.  We rushed him to the Clinic where he received oxygen and intravenous ventolin, and he was revived.  I had to pull him out of school because it was a health hazard." - Noa

"I had a chest RX done a month and a half ago (following the process for my residency here in Australia) and I found out I have hilar adenopathy in the lungs, hilar adenopathy is an enlargement of the lymphatic nodules that surround the lung's hilars. It is an infection and apparently, it is the result of all the dust that I swallowed during those years living in the area." - Lila

"My son was 12 years old when he started getting sick.  The dust created a sinus allergy.  He is home schooled now." - 

'Our kids, ill, allergic and in my case with dermatitis, mostly with respiratory problems, asthma.... We only wait for a  miracle. '- Vanessa

"I ride a bike to school.  In the dry season my friends leave me in big clouds of dust.  A few slow down but most don't and have no idea how they hurt me with the dust.  I eat it, grind it in my teeth, it scratches my eyes, my skin and hair are coated in it. I will wear a mask from now on now that I know the dangerous health hazards. - Jorg

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